Data Security Tips to Protect Your Small Business

Protecting your business from a breach in your security system is about much more than the software or security company you use. It is also about hiring trustworthy people, have policy in place regarding your security protocols, make sure employees know the protocols, and above all using common sense when it comes to your business. You can your small business or company by following these simple tips:

  1. Identify the kind of information your company is in possession of, what it may be used for, and where it is located. Figure out what information is sensitive material to you or your customers, including credit card information and any documentation on your servers, computers, or laptops. Make sure that information stays within the protection of company servers and is never viewed on personal computers from other locations.
  2.  Furthermore, do your best to keep all sensitive material and information on a small amount of computers, and separated on those computers from company wide employee access. Only give viewing rights to those employees who need the knowledge of that information and make sure they are trustworthy enough to be able to have access to such classified information. If you have hard copies, follow “the fewer the better” rule. The less copies, the easier it is to protect them.
  3.  When you have gathered your data, the next step is to encrypt any data you deem necessary to protect. This could be your most crucial step if your data is mobile. There are a myriad of software options that will help you with this encryption process and you can even hire companies to implement it as well. These companies offer services like encryption, security software, IT services and board portal software. But make sure if you hire a company to do the proper research and call other services who have used them.  Encrypting data allows you the security that if for some reason your security is breached, your data will still be safe due to the encryption process and will most likely not be compromised. Encrypting data makes it more secure.
  4. If you are in a business where you take credit card information or any other sensitive material over the phone or online, make sure you are using a SSL. A secure socket layer encrypts the data and your connection for an added layer of protection while you are online. When taking information over the phone make sure that your employees but the information directly into the system and to never write it down. Even after it is throw away, it is at risk of being used without the customer’s consent.
  5. A major part of keeping your company’s data secure is interviewing and hiring trustworthy employees. You can have all the security software and protocols necessary but if your employees do not follow them or take advantage of your trust, then your system has failed. When interviewing candidates, make sure that you run background checks and get at least three references for all new employees. Ask for at least two references from previous employers and take the time to call and learn about the prospective employees past performance, any disciplinary problems, and verify their responsibility in their previous job. We also recommend doing a criminal record check on any employee. If there are red flags, either give the employee a chance to explain or move onto the next candidate.

Establishing a Security Management Plan

Whether you’re planning to set up a small business or a mid-sized enterprise, you should always prioritize establishing a security business plan. If you often see small businesses without a head of security, this doesn’t mean they don’t have a plan for preventing loss of assets or even in life in unfortunate incidents like burglary and such.

img 2While most business owners focus more on protecting their physical assets like the infrastructure, stocks, and finished goods, you should also consider the safety of the people—both your employees and customers or clients. Installing an efficient business alarm system is one way to maximize security. Take note that every security requires including the safety and protection for both the critical infrastructure particularly telecommunications and technology—you should also look closely on the intellectual property including documents related to research and development.

Since every company or business face both internal and external security risks, it is only advisable to establish a solid security plan to provide a risk-free and safe work environment not only for their employees but also to their clients and civilians.

Risk assessment

First, you need to inspect your property to find out the key areas of concern and to establish the necessary procedures to maximize security of the company’s asset. You may hire a reputable security agency to make sure you’re in good hands. They can determine the best spots where to install the surveillance cameras to secure business parameters. They can also help you establish security management plan for your property.

Coordination with the law enforcement agencies  

Once you have established a security plan for your property, it is also advisable to contact the local law enforcement agencies. This will help you build up a better understanding of the law enforcement’s security protocol. They may also recommend some tips on how to prevent crimes and how to respond on such incidents.


Having efficient security tools is a huge advantage for business owners seeking to secure their properties. And with today’s technology, you will be amazed with the new products and their added features. There are now security cameras that you can connect to your mobile device allowing you to monitor your property whenever and wherever you want. High tech security locks are also available. In addition, you should also consider improving your fence. Installing steel shutters can be a good addition. This can also improve the overall look of your property.


Proper training

You may also conduct proper training among your staff so they would know how to respond when dealing with crimes like intruders breaking, burglary, and other incidents. You should also provide a list of emergency numbers to every employee so they can easily contact the authorities when needed.

These are just some of the things you can do to maximize security within your business premises. Again, get in touch with the local security agencies for more recommendation.

Advantages of Having Security Cameras

Security cameras can be a useful tool against intruders. If deterrent yard signs and stickers are effective; what more if you have real security cameras? Just the sight of these cameras will make any intruder think twice. Yup, these criminals are pretty cautious as well. If your property is equipped with security cameras, the authorities can easily identify the suspects.

There are two main situations where you need to install security cameras—when you’re at home and when you’re away. In both situations, there are several ways where your cameras can make things easier for you and protect your loved ones at the same time.

Security cameras can help you monitor the activities in your property—while you’re away or when you’re home. Just make sure to find the perfect spot to install them. There are also security cameras that are compatible with your mobile device. This makes it a lot easier for you to monitor your property wherever you are.

There are more advantages having these security cameras installed to your home or business premises. Let’s dig deeper into these:

  1. Deter crime

This is the most obvious advantage of having security cameras. As mentioned above, seeing this device installed around your property can make any intruder feel uneasy. Even if they are placed discreetly, it will give you peace of mind every time you leave. Security cameras are also a good addition at the workplace. Other than preventing crime, it can also provide solutions with your staff’s productivity.

  1. Gather evidence

Having security cameras installed in strategic places is effective when it comes to tracking down activities and words of people during any occasion. There are new models not only equipped with high-quality video capabilities. Manufacturers have come up with better audio quality as well. This is a big help for authorities when solving a crime.


  1. Making the right decisions

Reviewing the footage from security cameras can help you make fair and just decisions when solving disputes, both in domestic as well as professional scenarios. Whether dealing with a situation involving disagreements within your family, among your staff, or between a customer and your crew, you can check the footage again to make better analysis before making a decision.

The only issue being raised by some people is privacy. There have been a few cases in the past where surveillance cameras have stirred up controversies, especially in professional setup resulting to heated debates between authorities, business investors, and employees. This is why some business owners prefer hiring security guards. Even if you have cameras around, it is more efficient if you haves security marshals patrolling around your business premises.

Choosing the Right Security Contractor

Thinking of hiring security guards for your property? Still deciding whether you need short-term or long-term plans? Well, you have come to the right place. This article will tackle some of the key pointers when hiring and implementing security system. While most experts usually recommend undertaking a long-term goal, it still depends on the nature and complexity of the institution. Every move should have a thorough assessment to make sure you make the right decisions. Let’s try to dig deeper into these matters. Read on.

Short-term work

It may be wise to hire security guards or marshals on a short term basis during holidays or special events. The key here is to find the best bids as soon as possible. You may ask for recommendations from the local law enforcers and other community agencies. It is also advisable to define the security contractor’s job description and detailed scope of work. Refer to the following criteria below:

  • A detailed summary describing the overall tasks and objectives should be discussed to the employers or applicants. Providing a hard copy of the outlined job description is always necessary. Discuss everything with the security contractor before they assign specific teams to the area.
  • If you have special instructions, make sure to raise them before the said event. Keep in mind that this set of instructions cannot be overstated. In addition, do not expect the security contractors to provide the management plan. Both parties should discuss and agree on every term. They can only give recommendations, but it still requires through planning and approval from both parties.
  • The duties and roles should be implemented from the very beginning. For example, liaison officers should coordinate with their team upon arrival to ensure that everyone knows their role and other requirements needed including the uniforms, neat appearance, and proper attitude.

Criteria when hiring security agencies



Once you have determined on an immediate long-term basis, there are other things you need to keep in mind. Of course, you already know that you should only dealing with a reputable company that has valid and updated licenses. Find out more about their reputation by reading reviews and asking for references. This will help you gauge the quality of their services. They should provide reasonable insurance coverage, portfolio or track records, proposal security plan, and other important documents that will support their credentials. You should also look closely on their training, equipment, rates, contract, and security guards’ qualifications.

Insurance coverage

A reliable security agency should discuss with you the coverage of their insurance policies from the very beginning. Before signing any papers, it is advisable to bring the documents to your legal counsel. This is to make sure their policies are fair and would benefit you in the future. If you have questions or concerns, do not hesitate to raise them.

These are the things you should remember when choosing a security contractor. If you have more ideas and suggestions, please drop them at the comment section.

Why Business Owners Should Invest in Security Guards

Every successful entrepreneur knows how important it is to maximize security and privacy of their business premises. Almost every day, they need to deal with intruders, thieves, trespassers, and many more. Usually, these criminals go for retail stores, convenience stores, and banks. However, many business owners are hiring security guards these days to ensure the safety and protection of their property and their employees as well.

Having a well-trained security marshals can not only maintain security. They can also help improve customer service. They can assist your customers and employees giving your company good feedback and peace of mind. We were recently able to help a Graphic Design and Sign Company in Denton, Tx, to deal with some Security issues for an event, which went smoothly due to our Professional Guards.  If you’re still not convinced, I will discuss more advantages of hiring a good security agency. Read on.

  1. Sense of security

Having security guards or marshals in within your office premises can provide peace of mind and sense of security among your employees, customers, business partners, and colleagues. Security and safety are some of the elements of a good work environment. Those employees who are working in high-risks areas who are productive can be easier to retain knowing that they are safe and sound. This can also affect customer relationship. Of course, their safety should always be on tops of your list. This is very crucial especially for businesses dealing in very high-end merchandise.

  1. Prevention

As mentioned earlier, having an experienced security team can easily prevent crime. Criminals usually target unprotected properties. These professionals are well-trained to look out for any suspicious activity on the spot. The know how to handle such situation and can respond quickly to security breaches. What’s the use of high-tech surveillance cameras if no one can respond to unwanted commotions or emergencies?

  1. Customer service

To emphasize on customer relationship mentioned in #1, security guards can also be customer service ambassadors. These professionals know how to act to every person within your premises. They can support your receptionists or act as a sentry to control access to specific areas. This means they can interact with customers and clients according to your instructions. They can help authorized people to find products and get to the right location in a business. They can also escort customers and employees to their cars after dark to ensure their safety and protection.

  1. Handling crime

Responding to a crime or any incident is one of the main duties of security guards. Some may simply jot down details and contact the police when necessary, while others are able to detain suspects. They can handle any violator according to the rules and regulations of your company. It is also your decision whether to hire an armed or unarmed guard. Most security agencies have team of professionals who will examine the location to establish a solid security system.

These are some of the advantages when hiring a reputable security agency. If you have suggestions, please share them at the comment box.

Choosing the Best Security Agency for your Event

When planning for events, we usually focus more on the theme, food, and venue. While these elements can make an event memorable, it is essential that we also take some time to check the security of our beloved guests. For sure, it’s going to be a busy day for occasions like this. There are also incidents that we cannot control, especially if you’re serving alcoholic beverages. You need to deal with intoxicated guests, gatecrashers, unexpected fights, and many more. This is why many event organizers recommend hiring the best security firm to control such situations.

The question is how do you find a reputable firm? What are the things you need to consider? To point you to the right direction, follow these tips below:

Choosing a reputable security agency

Finding a security agency for your private party or just any event shouldn’t be that difficult these days. You can just simply go online and you can find tons service providers within your area. Just make sure to choose a reputable firm. Check out their portfolio. Who are their previous clients? Can they give legit references? You should also consider the length of their services. Take some time to join online forums as well. Find out more about their experiences with your prospects. This will help you gauge the quality of their services.

Another good way to look for security agencies is to use your personal network. Ask your friends and colleagues who recently organized an event. Word of mouth can help you narrow your options. If someone you trust can vouch for a certain agency, then things would be easier for you.

Setting your budget

This is definitely should be included in your budget. Keep in mind that the actual private-party-securityexpense depends on how big the party is and how many security guards or bouncers do you need for your event. The schedule may also affect the rates. This is why you need to ask for an initial quotation so you can set your budget accordingly. Usually, security agencies have a fixed rate for 1-day event duties.

Signing the contract

A reputable security agency should discuss the contract briefly. Don’t take this for granted. Read the agreement page per page to avoid disputes in the future. Most agencies today provide insurance policies, especially for bigger events. Before signing the contract, it is advisable to consult your legal counsel when reviewing the terms and conditions of the agency.

Coordinating with your staff

If you have an event organizer, make sure they communicate with the security staff you’re hiring. This is to ensure everyone is on the same page and to avoid any discrepancies or misunderstanding during the event. This is a huge help on the flow of the program as well. If possible, let them work out for a week.


These are the things you should consider when choosing a security agency. If you have other event planning tips, please don’t drop them at the comment section.

The Best Window Solutions to Protect your Property

As we search for the newest home upgrade not only to boost our property’s curb appeal but also to maximize security and protection of our loved ones, we usually focus more on installing new fences and security locks. While these fixtures are good additions, you should also consider looking for the best window solutions to your home.  Find a local Window Installer like Compassion Roofing and Remodeling in Keller, Tx, and they can help you with all the details to know what’s best.  Here are a few tips.

Installing the right window type for your home can be more than just controlling the amount of natural light or highlighting the best features of your home. With today’s technology, you can also enhance home security. The most popular security windows today are the UPVC and double glazing windows.

The Double Glazed Windows are known for its durable and functional properties. This however doesn’t mean it can last for a long time without certain malfunctions. This is why it still requires proper maintenance to keep your windows in best shape. One of the most common problems with UPVC windows is the handles and locks. Keep in mind that these parts play an important role to keep your home safe and secured; therefore, you need to address them right away.

Understanding the different types of UPVC window handles

Before you bring out your tools, it is imperative to know what type of lock and handle your window has. This will determine what type of replacement you need. It is also advisable to know which part of the window lock or handle is malfunctioning. To give you a short background, here are the different types of UPVC window handles:

Espagnolette Handles

This type of handle is one of the most commonly used for UPVC windows. It 20418_1_1features a multipoint locking mechanism, which provides more security. The first thing you will notice with these handles is the spindle that protrudes from the lock gearbox. So, when you turn the handle, the spindle activates the gearbox. This turns the locks in the mechanism and opens it.

How to fix?

Espanolette handles are quite complex. It could be really difficult to repair this by yourself, and most of the time requires replacement. Don’t forget to get the exact measurements before going to the hardware. Take note of the manufacturer’s name and stamps or markings so it will be easier to find a suitable replacement.

Cockspur Handles

005-1You will often see these handles on UPVC casement windows. When operated, you will notice that the nose of the handle is pushed across a wedged block, which allows you to close the window. When you need replacement, make sure that the gap under the handle’s nose is similar with the handle.


How to fix?

People usually think they need to replace the whole window unit when it starts to malfunction. Before you spend your money for a new window, try to identify the problem first. For Cockspur handles, the only thing you need to replace is the multipoint lock.

 The bottom line

Of course, everything depends on the severity of the damage. For major problems, you might need to replace the whole window unit. While some DIY projects for may solve the problem temporarily, it is advisable to hire a professional. Just make sure to make some background check.

Choosing the Best Storage Unit to Secure your Valuables

Need more temporary space for your collectibles and other valuables? Why not look for a decent storage unit nearby? Just make sure you’re dealing with a reputable service provider. We recently had a Roofing Company in Mesquite, Tx find this out the hard way!  Follow these simple tips to avoid costly mistakes:

Finding a reliable service

The first thing you need to do is to look for a reputable service provider. The bestULock-WestShore-Halls-31way to do this is to search online. Check out their reviews regarding their services. Make sure they provide enough privacy and security.  Availability is another thing to consider. Many companies today offer 24/7 services so you can access your unit whenever needed.

Getting the right size

Check out the unit personally so will have an idea which size is the right for you. Seal all the valuable items and place them on a box to maximize the space of your storage. It is also advisable to put labels on the box so everything will be organized.

Review the contract

Read and understand their policies before signing any contract. Examine the payment scheme as well. If you need the space for a long time, you can pay on a monthly basis. Know what you need so you can choose the right package for your storage unit.

Consider the location

Location is a huge factor. Of course, you don’t want to waste your time and effort going back and forth to the site. So choose the best storage facility nearest to your place.

Set your budget

Search online and compare the prices from other storage facilities. By now, you mini-storage-supplies-004should know how much you’re willing to spend for a storage unit. Always consider the safety of your belongings. Expect to pay more on highly guarded facilities.

While there are many cheap storage facilities available, it is always advisable to ensure your safety. Choose the best unit so you can have peace of mind.

Window Replacement Tips

One way to increase property value is to improve the interior as well as the exterior part of your home. This article talks about the features of bay window and how to find the best window solution for your home.

One of the most popular home improvements today is the bay window double glazing. This additional feature can not only improve the curb appeal of your home. With its durable materials and highly functional technology, it can also increase property value. Other than making your home look more comfortable it can also provide added security. Since it contains double glass layers, intruders will have a hard time breaking in through the windows.

Before you start looking for suppliers and install this type of windows, it is important to know some basic information about this newly-improved fixture. So to help you out, below is a brief guideline:

Getting the right measurements

The first thing you need to know is how to get the right measurements to make sure you get the right items. Keep in mind that it’s a little different to how you would normally measure the windows.

Let’s try to dig deeper into these:


  • The back span is the internal width of the window. You need to measure the inner portion frame by frame. First, you might need to remove the plaster on the inside to find the frame edge. Take note that it is “surveyed” inside, not on the outside. This is why you need to measure from the outside
  • For most bay windows, the “imaginary” string line above is usually labelled “300mm”.
  • Always check the internal facet widths. You will notice several measurement labels—usually, it shows as 649mm; on top you will notice 625mm labelled in brackets; while the centre window is 600mm.


Getting familiar with other materials used

Other materials used for bay windows are wood and vinyl. For exterior finish options, primed wood, extruded vinyl and wood clad in low-maintenance aluminium or vinyl are also available. Primed-wood option is economical, but still requires proper maintenance. You might also need to repaint them periodically to prevent rot.

Vinyl windows are also affordable and only minimal maintenance. The problem is the limited style options. Some people find it hard to match the home design with vinyl windows. On the other hand, clad windows can be more expensive, but it is known for its durability. You also have various style option for this type—vinyl, aluminium, or all wood-wood interior.

Window glazing

Today, the newly improve bay window solution has taken it to the next level. The double-glazed-windows-2new technology allows you to controls the amount of heat coming in through your home, making your home more comfortable with better air circulation—which also helps you conserve energy. There are also various styles you can choose from. This makes it easier for you to match your overall home design.

If you’re interested to install bay windows to your home, always consult a professional. Never hesitate to ask your service provider for more information.





Home Security 101: Choosing the Right Windows for your Property

Window replacement is one of the best ways to improve the curb appeal of your home and maximize home security. And with today’s technological advancement, you can see newly improved features. Choosing the right window system is now more than just improving the lighting system and enhancing air ventilation to every area in your home. Today, experts and manufacturers are doing the best of their efforts to maximize security and privacy. Here’s a quick roundup.

Development of security windows

As mentioned above, there are now new window options available today. One of the most popular security windows is the double glazing windows. It is known for its energy saving features that can help you cut down your utility bills. It also comes in different sizes and styles. There are also companies offering customized double glazing windows to match the overall design of your property.

How to choose the best windows for your home?

bucks-county-window-replacementChoosing the best window type for your home can be a little tricky. So, for your further guidance, read the following tips below:

  1. Complementing the theme of your home

Since there are several styles to choose from, look for the best type that suits the overall theme of your property. Make sure every detail you add including the window panels, frames, and color will complement the overall aesthetic design of your home. Well, it shouldn’t be that hard since there are so many options to choose from. You can go for contemporary casement windows, traditional wooden windows, modern lengthy glass windows, or a combination of the three.

  1. Get the measurements

This is one of the things you should not ignore when shopping for windows. You need to get the precise measurements to make sure everything will fit accordingly. This is also to make sure you’re getting the right products. If the standard window sizes won’t fit, you may look for homebuilders offering customizes services to make the necessary adjustments. Always check the base and the positioning of the panels. This is a huge factor when sizing up the windows.

  1. Set your budget

By now, you should know how much you’re willing to spend for the window replacement. Search online and check out the price range. Compare the prices they offer from the local store. This will help you narrow down your options when choosing the suppliers or service provider. Request for a detailed quotation including other expenses such as delivery charges and installation fees.

  1. Ask a professional

Don’t hesitate to consult a professional when buying a new window system. This2273 however doesn’t mean that you should leave all the work with them. Remember, people have their own personal taste. The purpose of consultation is to find out the best way to achieve your goals. Discuss your ideas and objectives. Sure, they can make a few suggestions, but you still call the shots. A reputable homebuilder or interior designer should also help you find reliable suppliers for your project.

Keep these things in mind, and you can make the whole process much easier. Again, planning ahead of time is can simplify things for you.