The Best Window Solutions to Protect your Property

As we search for the newest home upgrade not only to boost our property’s curb appeal but also to maximize security and protection of our loved ones, we usually focus more on installing new fences and security locks. While these fixtures are good additions, you should also consider looking for the best window solutions to your home.  Find a local Window Installer like Compassion Roofing and Remodeling in Keller, Tx, and they can help you with all the details to know what’s best.  Here are a few tips.

Installing the right window type for your home can be more than just controlling the amount of natural light or highlighting the best features of your home. With today’s technology, you can also enhance home security. The most popular security windows today are the UPVC and double glazing windows.

The Double Glazed Windows are known for its durable and functional properties. This however doesn’t mean it can last for a long time without certain malfunctions. This is why it still requires proper maintenance to keep your windows in best shape. One of the most common problems with UPVC windows is the handles and locks. Keep in mind that these parts play an important role to keep your home safe and secured; therefore, you need to address them right away.

Understanding the different types of UPVC window handles

Before you bring out your tools, it is imperative to know what type of lock and handle your window has. This will determine what type of replacement you need. It is also advisable to know which part of the window lock or handle is malfunctioning. To give you a short background, here are the different types of UPVC window handles:

Espagnolette Handles

This type of handle is one of the most commonly used for UPVC windows. It 20418_1_1features a multipoint locking mechanism, which provides more security. The first thing you will notice with these handles is the spindle that protrudes from the lock gearbox. So, when you turn the handle, the spindle activates the gearbox. This turns the locks in the mechanism and opens it.

How to fix?

Espanolette handles are quite complex. It could be really difficult to repair this by yourself, and most of the time requires replacement. Don’t forget to get the exact measurements before going to the hardware. Take note of the manufacturer’s name and stamps or markings so it will be easier to find a suitable replacement.

Cockspur Handles

005-1You will often see these handles on UPVC casement windows. When operated, you will notice that the nose of the handle is pushed across a wedged block, which allows you to close the window. When you need replacement, make sure that the gap under the handle’s nose is similar with the handle.


How to fix?

People usually think they need to replace the whole window unit when it starts to malfunction. Before you spend your money for a new window, try to identify the problem first. For Cockspur handles, the only thing you need to replace is the multipoint lock.

 The bottom line

Of course, everything depends on the severity of the damage. For major problems, you might need to replace the whole window unit. While some DIY projects for may solve the problem temporarily, it is advisable to hire a professional. Just make sure to make some background check.