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Window Replacement Tips

One way to increase property value is to improve the interior as well as the exterior part of your home. This article talks about the features of bay window and how to find the best window solution for your home.

One of the most popular home improvements today is the bay window double glazing. This additional feature can not only improve the curb appeal of your home. With its durable materials and highly functional technology, it can also increase property value. Other than making your home look more comfortable it can also provide added security. Since it contains double glass layers, intruders will have a hard time breaking in through the windows.

Before you start looking for suppliers and install this type of windows, it is important to know some basic information about this newly-improved fixture. So to help you out, below is a brief guideline:

Getting the right measurements

The first thing you need to know is how to get the right measurements to make sure you get the right items. Keep in mind that it’s a little different to how you would normally measure the windows.

Let’s try to dig deeper into these:


  • The back span is the internal width of the window. You need to measure the inner portion frame by frame. First, you might need to remove the plaster on the inside to find the frame edge. Take note that it is “surveyed” inside, not on the outside. This is why you need to measure from the outside
  • For most bay windows, the “imaginary” string line above is usually labelled “300mm”.
  • Always check the internal facet widths. You will notice several measurement labels—usually, it shows as 649mm; on top you will notice 625mm labelled in brackets; while the centre window is 600mm.


Getting familiar with other materials used

Other materials used for bay windows are wood and vinyl. For exterior finish options, primed wood, extruded vinyl and wood clad in low-maintenance aluminium or vinyl are also available. Primed-wood option is economical, but still requires proper maintenance. You might also need to repaint them periodically to prevent rot.

Vinyl windows are also affordable and only minimal maintenance. The problem is the limited style options. Some people find it hard to match the home design with vinyl windows. On the other hand, clad windows can be more expensive, but it is known for its durability. You also have various style option for this type—vinyl, aluminium, or all wood-wood interior.

Window glazing

Today, the newly improve bay window solution has taken it to the next level. The double-glazed-windows-2new technology allows you to controls the amount of heat coming in through your home, making your home more comfortable with better air circulation—which also helps you conserve energy. There are also various styles you can choose from. This makes it easier for you to match your overall home design.

If you’re interested to install bay windows to your home, always consult a professional. Never hesitate to ask your service provider for more information.